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Fabrics are a tough decision to make,for there are so many choices.  Educate yourself on what is durable by holding up to the light to check the weave of fabric.  You may see fabrics on the internet that offer super discounts...be careful for flaws and faulty fabric..We guarantee our fabrics. RECYLE,REUPHOLSTER...REMEMBER HABERLE UPHOLSTERY.


tufted sofa..hand tied springs...touch and tone...to perfection for that family heirloom

Why reupholster? Your furniture really fits your likes and style. You already know what you have for it has held up..When reupholstering, we strive to make improvements using extra padding , frame reinforcement, and top quality foam.  Many times by changing style of arm  ,cushion, inside back , skirt, or even the fabrics., you can inhance the finished product.  We are always open for ideas, just bring pictures and we will work out  the details.  Remember, when buying  new furniture, you could have problems or defects that need attention.                                                                                     

two piece italian leather sofas
on sale in shop now

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Why custom Made?  Sure the cost will be somewhat higher, but a close look inside new furniture to the trained eye can soon be...made cheap to sell cheap.?  Quality ...example a foam cushion at 86 dollars or a down cushion at 268..zig zag srings 3rd best hand tied 2nd best and factory coil machine wire tied, try and find one... Hard wood maple and oak frames is the base of the product. (www.chervan.com)  


haberle upholstery ltd


thinking of furniture,? try reupholstery